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June 12, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
June 12, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
June 12, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
June 12, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
June 12, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
A lot of rhetoric gets spent in the political arena over our founding fathers and their intent in regards to our religious status as a nation. Many on the right contend that we are somehow a "christian" nation. Others, trying to seem more inclusive, call it a "judeo-christian" nation.

But fact is, we're not.

I've written in the past on this subject and have had discussions on the subject on other threads as well. I'm not gonna rehash old debates here, but just present a few key pieces of...
June 12, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
About 5 minutes ago, my son called me from my desk. He was yelling from our pool out back, "daddy, daddy, look at those 2 planes up there!" When I got out there, I looked up and saw 2 big jets. I'm guessin coming out of Philadelphia International. Could have been BWI or lil ol New Castle's airport, but i'm thinkin Philly, based on the direction and all.

The 1 jet was almost sideways, veering off to it's side. the other was veering slightly the other way. And they were pretty high up in the s...
June 10, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
See the trailer for the movie that Fox news says...

'Sicko' Shows Michael Moore's Maturity as a Filmmaker
Sunday , May 20, 2007

By Roger Friedman

Filmmaker Michael Moore's brilliant and uplifting new documentary, "Sicko," deals with the failings of the U.S. healthcare system, both real and perceived. But this time around, the controversial documentarian seems to be letting the subject matter do the talking, and in the process shows a new maturity.

Unlike many of his previous films (...
June 10, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Tries to write Haiku
no ideas coming to mind
I think I give up
June 10, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Immigration has become the neocon battle-cry...a way to appear "independent" after 6+ years of walking in lock step and being a rubber stamp. It's not like this is some new stance by the president. Before the 2000 election, then candidate Bush said this....

From a Speech in Washington, D.C. Jun 26, 2000...

Latinos come to the US to seek the same dreams that have inspired millions of others: they want a better life for their children. Family values do not stop at the Rio Grande. Latinos enr...
June 8, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
I'm Sean Conners and I love my country.

I am Sean Conners and I represent no one but myself. And over time and as new evidence comes to light, my views can change.

I'm Sean Conners and I am a Christian. My religion is not political as I see it.

I am Sean Conners and I I prefer not to be labeled as I have no single ideology nor do I treat any political philosophy like a religion. But I try to understand that people will always try.

I am Sean Conners and I think the ACLU is a patr...
June 8, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Tuesday night, the 10 current field of candidates took the stage for a 3rd time in this young political season. CNN again hosted the event, as they had done Sunday night with the democratic field of contenders.

Missing was recently filed candidate, Fred Thompson, who won't make his official announcement until July 4th weekend reportedly.

The rest of the Presidential wanabees debated for about 2 hours. The event was hosted by Wolf Blitzer, who after 2 debates, wasn't nearly as in control a...
June 7, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Remember when we invaded Iraq?

Remember when the Turks wouldn't let us use theri country as a base and we couldn't bribe em enough to change their position? They feared being attacked themselves. We laughed it off.

Since then, Kurds in Northern Iraq have been attacking and terrorizing Turkey. Of course, we don't report that. We report "all is calm and well" in the north. It isn't.

So now that Turkey's prediction that all an invasion of Iraq would mean for them is attacks from the Kurds ...
June 7, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
TMZ is reporting an "unimpeachable" source is saying that heiress Paris Hilton has been released from an LA County jail after only 3 days. So much for her being treated worse than anyone else.

Of course, the reaction will be that she was treated too leniently. The counter will be that overcrowding is common in that facility, and early releases for non violent offenders is common. Of course, it was reported that Paris was in a room with a bunk bed, but no roomate. So one has to question just h...
June 6, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
The following is an account of the fear mongering of the administration. It documents 13 instances of the administration using the media as their propoganda tool to spread fear and to squash other stories...

OLBERMANN: Number one, May 18th, 2002; the first details of the president‘s daily briefing of August 6th, 2001 are revealed, including its title “Bin laden determined to strike in U.S.” The same day, another memo is discovered revealing the FBI knew of men with links to al Qaeda training ...
June 6, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Recently, the White House continued on it's fear mongering campaign, instead of actually dealing with national security or anything that actually might do some good. This week's laughable JFK plot was just another example of rhetoric and fear over facts and reason.

The Bush appointed US Attorney, a group that has recently been scared into loyalty or face firing, announced the plot, describing it's results to be "unthinkable."

Yeah, they were unthinkable, as in impossible.

OF course, th...