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July 21, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Last night John Mayer brought his band to the Tweeter Center in Camden, N.J., right outside of Philadelphia. Mayer is known for a couple of contrasting things. On one hand he is the "sensitive balladeer & occasional rocker" that has sold him millions of records and gained him a wide fan base, especially amongst females. Partly in part to his charming songs and partly in due to his "baby-faced" look and "nice guy" persona.

On the other hand, John Mayer is a hell of a guitar player. Already at...
July 7, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Love em or hate em, Rush is a unique band. They have thrived and survived as Rock's premiere power trio for about 33 years or so now. Being a trio in itself isn't the most common set up for a band. And unlike many trios, Rush doesn't take all the credit while shifting much of the musical load on sidemen who play sometimes literally backstage while the trio soaks up all the applause. They always have from day 1 done it all by themselves.

Over the years tho, Rush has not been shy about using t...
July 2, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
A remixed, more "vocal friendly" version of "Don't Like The Rain" has been posted. Any feedback is welcome.If the link below doesn't work, please just copy/paste >>>

June 23, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Any honest feedback is welcomed. cost or obligation...Just follow the Link!
April 5, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
I just posted a demo recording (rough draft) of a new song on

Anyone who is kind enough to give a listen and offer any feedback (relevant) is more than welcome to do so:)


here's the site...

February 22, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Over the past decade, CD sales have simply plummeted. A decade ago, it would have taken well over 100,000 sales just to crack the top 10, but today, some weeks a mere 65K will get you a #1 slot. And yet, the industry continues to charge exhorbitant rates for their products. CD's are still commonly sold @ 15-20 bucks a pop.

Will the industry simply switch over to 99 cents a song downloads? Well, while I expect the download business to increase for some years to come, I still expect that som...
January 17, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
January 3, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
I just found a recording from one of my band's 'Joe's Garage" from a couple years back. the song is called Cosmic and can be found here.Link If the link doesn't work, copy / paste this --->

Feel free to leave any honest feedback.

Thanks:) ps...feel free to give the puppy a treat or 2 while you are there:)"
December 20, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
I've been fortunate to see a lot of great artists and bands over the years. But every once in a while, you get a clunker. The following is my list for the 5 worst concerts I ever wasted money and/or time on...

1) Ozzy Osborne's Set @ Ozzfest

I have been an Ozzy fan since I was a kid. But unfortunately, the years have not been kind to the Ozzinator as far as his ability to perform go. This year, a friend blessed me with 2 pit passes to Ozzfest. We had a great day. Many of the newer bands ...
December 19, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
In 1979, I saw my 1st concert. I was 12 years old and got a ride (unknown to my parents) to go see Fleetwood Mac. It was great. From there, I have had the opportunity to see hundreds, if not thousands of different live bands, if you include the bars and clubs. Where every concert is different and sometimes it may be an "apples to oranges" comparison, here is my choices as the best 10 concerts I ever saw.

1) The Grateful Dead

I have seen The Dead and thier various solo projects around 100 t...
December 19, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
In 1969, 2 bands emerged out of Britain that would change the face of music forever. Critics and fans argue over "who was the 1st" metal band, but the 2 most common names mentioned are Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Both bands have been credited with being the "1st metal band" and like the style, both bands are as different from one another like the style itself is so much more diverse than one would think at 1st glance.

Black Sabbath came out of the working class part of England. A young O...
December 13, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
In my 1st installment of my musical series, we looked at the history and future of hip hop. today, I am going to talk about another genre that draws almost as much controversy, in a very different way, Country music. It seems that out of all the genres, when you ask someone what kind of music they listen to, the most common answers usually exclude either rap or country. they are 2 very different musical styles, but both are based around the telling of stories from within a certain culture. While...
December 12, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
People often argue about who was the 1st rapper or 1st rap song. Most people will acknowledge the Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" as the song that put rap music, which would eventually evolve into what we today call "hip-hop" on the map. Of course, other arguments can be made, and some even go back to guys like Lou Reed, who's "Walk On the Wild Side" is essentially a rap before it's time. Other's have done rythmic "spoken word" songs, but the Sugar Hill Gang and other pioneers like Grandmas...
December 12, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
In the following series, I am going to talk about various genres of music. But 1st, let me provide some backround on myself to explain where my perspectives come from.

I have been an active musician since childhood. My parents have pictures of me as a toddler turning anything i could find into a guitar or drum set. When i was around 9 or 10, I began takig guitar lessons. At age 11, I gave my 1st public performance. I also began to do some local theater at this age and stayed active in it th...
October 16, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Just a quick note....

thru this thursday, October 19th, the Music Promotion train has decided to put me up with a bunch of other artists in a contest. I really don't think i'll win anything as I am sure that some of these people have bigger fan bases and all. I just don't want to get embarrassed. While I am sure, for some of you, that would be great, I hope others of you might take 30 seconds out of your life and give me a simple vote.

It's free, there is NO resistration required. You don'...