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case of the 54,000,000 dollar pants is over.
Published on June 25, 2007 By Sean Conners aka SConn1 In Current Events
This week, Judge Pearson walked out of court with nothing. He wasn't reimbursed in any way, and justice for the Korean couple who ran the dry cleaners he sued was served.

Judge Pearson was one of those unreasonable customers all of us who have ever had the pleasure of dealing with customers occasionally run into. The customer who is wrong and trying to bully their way over you.

Those customers are usually obvious. They yell, they threaten, they make outlandish claims about their personal power and their ability to end everyone's career. In the face of an experienced customer service person or supervisor, who has been around the block a few times, that is usually the end of it.

But Judge Roy Pearson used his power to try to ruin the Korean dry cleaners he claimed had ruined his life over a misplaced pair of pants. And in the end, justice was served, or was at least given a start. The Judge lost. If justice is truly to be served, he will be forced to pay the legal fees incurred by the Korean couple who was his target of malice. But that won't be decided until some time in the future.

The judge perhaps began to learn what many people need to know. That "satisfaction guaranteed" is not a statement to be abused to it's most hyperbolic state. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" is within reason. Just because some people refuse to be satisfied by reasonable measures doesn't mean the business must go to any length to feed their wants at their own peril.

But Judge Roy Pearson thought they should. And this week, he learned exactly what "reasonable" means. And he learned that it applies to customers as well as the business.

And he learned that sometimes the customer is wrong.

This is what the court who ruled against Roy Pearson said...

"A reasonable consumer would not interpret 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' to mean that a merchant is required to satisfy a customer's unreasonable demands or to accede to demands that the merchant has reasonable grounds to dispute."

on Jun 25, 2007

Best. Article. Ever.


In some ways it is a shame that we don't put people like Peason in the stocks anymore. A few days in the public square with a "Ridiculous Fucksheep" sign on his neck would do wonders to discourage this sort of thing.

on Jun 25, 2007
Best. Article. Ever.

i don't know about that,,,but thanks:)
on Jun 26, 2007
you know, i really could not believe how ridiculous this guys was. i hesitate to say that this is the height of stupidity, because you never know anymore.

this kind of guy simply just needs his ass kicked.
i don't call for violence one on one often, but this moron qualifies in my opinion.

all i can say is that i feel lucky that i have a job where i choose what customers i will deal with. when i feel like i can't deal with someone, i just tell them that i don't feel like i can work with them, and we can both move on.

thank god.
on Jun 26, 2007
The key word the judge used was... reasonable... I work in a call center & hear all types.. yellers, criers, etc. Demanding this, demanding that.. never trying to be mature & reasonable.

The main problem is most of the people I talk to .. aren't reasonable. They want everything their way, when they want it.. usually 10 min ago.

Life doesn't center around any one person.

I'm so glad that justice was truly served. Now, if only people would learn and be reasonable.. but I feel that is too much to ask..

on Jun 26, 2007
Actually he walked out with less than nothing.  The judge ordered the clown to pay the Chung's court costs.  About $1000.  Hopefully they will get the lawyer's fees as well.
on Jun 26, 2007
This guy is a judge. I do not want him presiding over any case I bring to court, unless I am the plaintiff. Then, go ahead.

What the heck is his issue? The justice system is not a get rich quick scheme.