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March 31, 2004 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Every once in a while, someone goes and makes a list of the top 10 this or that, or the top 100 of all time something or other. And every time they do, someone else shows cause as to why the list should be different. Most recently, Rolling Stone Magazine published it's "50 Greatest Artists of All Time." And of course, there are some serious holes.

Before we go on, let's look at the choices Rolling Stone made in it's latest attempt to rank 50 years of music. An attempt that may be equally as ...
March 23, 2004 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Sunday night I sat down and put on my usual shows. Like millions of other Americans, that means an evening of my 2 favorite "S's." That would be the Simpsons and The Sopranos. As usual, both shows lived up to their entertaining legends, each in their own right. But at 10pm, HBO premiered what might be their best attempt at a series since the italians muscled in on our Sunday nights 5 erratic seasons ago.

Deadwood, which is the name of the mining town / camp situated in the old west in 1876, ...