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July 23, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
1st off, let's get one thing clear. There is no hate here.

This morning, the lil girl who thinks herself some great enforcer wrote another one of her impassioned rants that clearly show her obsession with me. I really could care less about her, but she insists on "taking me on" at every opportunity. The part she doen't like is when I hit her between the eyes after she sends off one of her attacks.

The attacks began when I was a little over the top (apparantly) with her friend, Brandi. T...
May 2, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Just quick, dumb questions about the point system here.

How is it that lulapilgrim has shot up to 9th on 1 article? is this the most read article in JU history? i looked at the responses, which only lasted for 6 days. I don't see the article dominating the "most read " charts, unless i missed something. is she posting like mad somewhere else and that is bringing the score up so uber-rapidly?

the point system is what it is and people have aired grievences with it in the past. this isn't...
March 28, 2007 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
People write a lot of things here on JoeUser. Some of theings are profound, some are stupid. Some of them deal with our daily lives, some of them are complete fiction and fantasy. Many of the articles on here, and probably the most popular categories beyond the ones concerning either skinning or galactic civillizations are the ones concerning current events, namely, politics.

At least they appear to be to me. But that is probably because I spend the bulk of my time either writing or respondi...
November 7, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
I see the genius is still melting away....

Now it's spelling errors. But he still hasn't corrected his "LYING" title.

and "strawman" and straw man (2 words) can be used interchangeably. i had no problem finding the definition using the 1 word spelling.

- In general, a strawman is an object, document, person, or argument that temporarily stands in for and is intended to be "knocked down" by something more substantial Link

go tell "Lil Abner" "lil" is not a word. it's an ...
November 2, 2006 by Sean Conners aka SConn1
Moderateman has lost it. After trying to trash me in a hate piece he wrote where he took things out of context, I pointed out an instance where I gave him a thank you for his service to our country.

Did he say thank you then or now? Of course not, he took it as an insult. He also had the nerve to delete my response so no one could see how wrong he was and that he started the whole thing by insulting me several times and by calling my mother a whore.

Here's what was said...

In an article...