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Published on July 23, 2007 By Sean Conners aka SConn1 In Blogging
1st off, let's get one thing clear. There is no hate here.

This morning, the lil girl who thinks herself some great enforcer wrote another one of her impassioned rants that clearly show her obsession with me. I really could care less about her, but she insists on "taking me on" at every opportunity. The part she doen't like is when I hit her between the eyes after she sends off one of her attacks.

The attacks began when I was a little over the top (apparantly) with her friend, Brandi. This was back in March in a conversation about parenting. I had a disagreement with the premise of her article's point and my disagreements were obviously unappreciated. I attempted to apologize to her, only to be insulted repeatedly by the lil girl and when I tried to explain my side again, was threatened with banishment from JU if I dared post on Tex's threads 1 more time.

So, I stuck to my own blog. And over the next few months, after realizing I had been in error where tex was concerned, attempted to apologize more than once.

In the meantime, the lil girl took it upon herself to attack me. She began posting vile, hateful and downright disgusting posts on my threads. When I complained to JU, I was told to blacklist her. Of course, as we all know, the blacklist feature is inoperable. But I complied. I was told to ignore her and delete any posts by her in my blog. I was assured that "she would be dealt with" by the administration.

And, as I ignored and deleted, I was harassed further by the tirades she would write in response to whatever I wrote. And where my articles were about a topic and never mentioned her or her views, her reponses, by contrast, were directly aimed at me. they were filled with and even would open with insults like..."In response to yet another moronic question asked by the King of Shallow Thought".

This was considered AOK by the JU admin. did I provoke that? No. I simply wrote an article. She wrote an article which simply served to insult me, misrepresent my position and sources and so forth.

And this wasn't a 1 time thing. Maybe it's hyperbolic of me, but it seemed every time I signed on to JU in the months of April, May and well into June, I had to either clean up my threads with her insults and such or deal with another "response" article filled with misrepresentations of me and/or what i wrote.

Now remember, JU admin informed me that if I dared post on tex's thread 1 more time when we had our tiff in march...i would be punished. But when LW was blatantly bypassing my blacklist to purposefully harass me, I was told to ignore and delete. A clear double standard. In fact, when I complained further, I was rudely told to stop complaining by the administration. I was told again "she would be dealt with.

Obviously, she wasn't.

To this day, literally, she still writes "hate" pieces about me. A couple of weeks ago, i wrote a short blurb about an incident where a mother and son were thrown off a plane.

Of course, she responded. and of course, in the piece, she again referred to me. In fact, she did in the title. My article was entitled "Crank On A Plane" referring to the crankly flight attendant. She retorted with "Brats On A Plane." And in the article, I am indirectly referred to as a "sue happy asshole." who couldn't possibly have any more info than her. the article was also filled with what i felt were some fairly racist comments. that racism continued in the comments...

I'd be curious to know if mom is black, white, (or other) as well as the races of those collaborating her story It plays a bigger part in this sort of thing than many people are willing to admit. I've seen blacks come to the aid of other blacks over some of the most outrageous, unbelievable shit imaginable, for no reason other than to help them 'stick it to the man.'


I'm just saying that IF the offender is a black woman, it wouldn't be surprising at all to see a few other blacks step forward to corroborate her story, even if it's a lie.

So i did point out her membership in the Klan as a possible motive for such attitudes...on my own blog. And since she was able to write whatever she wanted about me on her blog, no matter how unprovoked it was. Not to mention, she had even threatened me with a "visit" from her klan breatheren a few weeks before....

They're just fine and dandy, Sean-Conners-from-Delaware-who-loves-to post-under-his real-name-and-shares-all-sorts-of-very-personal-information-which-in-the-hands-of someone-even-semi-motivated-to-do-so-could-lead-right-to-his-doorstep.

In fact, they might even be on their way over for tea and cookies. Do give them my regards, will you?

I reported this to JU administration. I was told it would be "handled."

It wasn't. In fact, she continued her taunts on other threads, asking how my chat was with the "FBI" and mocking any attempt i might make to rid myself of this harassment.

Harrassment I didn't start and JU refused to do anything about.

I was told that since my responses tended to be so effective ( i think the terms used by the admin were something like "fired with both barrels" "hitting her square between the eyes" and such) that everything was "fair and balanced." i was told to keep ignoring and deleting.

When I ignored, I was harassed further. When I deleted, I had to deal with growing monsters in the form of attack articles. Some of which JU would "feature" bringing this conflict onto the front pages of JU. When I got tired of being "swiftboated" and fired back with the exact same language i used that got me threatened with a visit from the Klan. she didn't seem all distrought about it then, when she was unwittingly acknowledging her continued association with the KKK....but now, it was "uncalled for."

And of course, she complained. And since she is friendly with the admin and i have been dubbed the "bad guy" on JU because I refuse to just sit idly and allow this abuse of me and my family, I got a 2 week confinement for alleged "unprovoked comments." even tho the comments were neither new, nor unprovoked. The provocations have been constant since March. The fact is that I have been the one who has had to endure "unprovoked" vileness and hate. And then when I respond, the "innocent" game begins.

As far as my "confinement" goes, I accepted it. I don't agree with it, but here, they are the authority. And despite how i feel about the bias that has been shown and unfairness in their handling of this situation, i accepted it. and am now a week into it.

And, as anyone can see, I continue to do what I always do...namely, write. Write about things that interest me and share my views. The fact is that with rare exception, I don't even concern myself with her. And my articles have nothing to do with her. Yet, she feels compelled to jump in my face everytime I publish anything, even a blurb.

And JU does nothing about it. Which is their perrogative. But what is truly laughable is when the lil girl writes about her supposed "dexterity" in "going up to a line" and not crossing it." That is a lie. She regularly crosses every line out there, yet gets off scott-free. In fact, while I was threatened with "banishment" if I dared posted 1 more thing on Tex's post...she brags about bypassing the blacklist and posting on my threads. Something she has continued to do with no reprimand from JU.

As far as language goes, nothing i have said is any worse than what has been said to me. I have been called every name in the book (unprovoked many times) and the insults and threats have gone beyond me and involved my family.

Sometimes, she plays lil "technical" games and JU plays along. But when the accusations go the other way...technicalities have no place, the judgements and rulings are purely based not on evidence but on other's supposed ability to read my mind and know what i was thinking when i wrote something. When i respond to a vile attack, because my response is effective, she complains and JU allows her to play her innocent routine.

Again, something she admitted to back in May, in an "unprovoked article" entitled "Sex, Cruelty and Sexism on JU"....

Women can be just as mean, cruel, and aggressive as men, but we ( and I don't include myself in this 'we' even though I'm female) tend to be sneakier about it, engaging in deception and subterfuge, misdirection and insinuation, whispering behind the back before we drive the knife home, and manipulating events to make ourselves appear victimized before retaliating (in an effort to pre-justify what we are about to do) while batting our eyes in feigned innocence when faced with direct confrontation.

Her only error above was the attempt to seperate herself from other women. the fact is, she manipulates and feigns emotions just like anyone else. She jumps back and forth between the innocent act and direct attacks. Apparantly, it's fooled JU. I, however, have never been fooled by this cheap act.

Again, JU admin is free to make the decisions they make. They aren't the government, they are a private entity. So, the rules are their own. So, I abide by them and accepted my confinement (which seems a bit extreme when i can't even comment on my own threads). But unlike Scooter Libby, i'll serve my time. And when it's over, continue to write about what interests me.

The fact is that if she didn't jump into my face like a pest, I wouldn't know she exists most of the time. And yes, people do write abotu the same topics unwittingly, but her patterns are clear. And I don't need a criminal court type burden of proof to know that. It's obvious to me. And if everyone else can assume my motives and thoughts, I should, can and am influenced to do that about others too.

One more note. In her latest tirade, LW is mad at someone for this...

"Eventually, he begins to fling shit at people..."

Huh? Excuse me? Who is the biggest "shit flinger" here? And I mean literally....look in the comments...Link

All I ever asked for was an apology for that. Every time I did, I got vile, hateful comments directed at me and my family.

And was that shit flinging somehow "provoked" by me by having a birthday? Of course not. Yet, the administration has to this day, done nothing about something that was genuinely offensive to me. And my asking for an apology (which isn't provoking either) have lead to more and more vile comments. These post comments exemplifies the double standard set.

If JU would have properly handled this months ago, by properly dealing with her filth instead of condoning it while using a different standard with me and others that she attempts to infect or run off with her cheap, 2nd rate "coulteresque" tactics. I and others are essentially told by the JU admin to "fight fire with flowers." And when she is ignored, she gets louder...until it's just in your face so much, as she is that obsessed, that a response is necessary...and by then,,,it usually isn't pretty. but that's what happens when you push reasonable people too far.

Or, if they would have committed any "resources" to fixing the blacklist bug that she so proudly exploits (with no reprocussions) this would have been over a long time ago. But it's their company, their call.

And it again is their right, but probably not the savviest thing to do to put our conflicting articles right next to each other. That is if peace and tranquility is the goal. If it was JU's intention to stir the pot, mission accomplished.

Another "frank" point...My articles are read by people who matter to me. I get much of my feedback in my daily life by friends, family, colleagues, people in my music world, business world and other elements of my real life. Before I cleansed my blog of all of LW's vile comments, I would be asked quite regularly who this lil twit was? Those who know me know that i am a decent, reasonable person who doesn't deserve such crap. both the figurative and the literal. When the birthday thing happened, many people outside this lil JU world saw it. And they were as offended as I was. Several of them have expressed an interest in blogging here except that they don't want to deal with pieces of filth like her. So, our conversations take place in person and offline.

I had the opportunity to interview a US congressman in June. That interview is now affording me to have an opportunity to interview no less than 3 senators and another congressman in the fall. And do a "shadow "day to report on what a congressman does in a typical day. Does anyone think that with people like that looking in on my blog, I want any of her filth infecting it? Do they think I would encourage that? Many of my articles (in more finished form usually vs,. the 1st draft versions here) have been republihshed or used by others...again, do you think that attacking you is how i want to spend my time on here?

Nonsense. I had to think long and hard this morning before writing this, just as I do before wasting time writing anything concerning you on my blog. Writing about you does nothing for me, in fact, it detracts. And there is lil emotion involved, it is merely cleaning house and taking care of business.

Like I said at the top, there is no hate here. are simply a pest and a nuisance. One that I wish JU would actually do something about, as it would be in their interests. But they won't apparantly, and you can relish in that. But stop acting like i'm "instigating" anything. I merely do what i need to do, like here, to avoid your swiftboats.

on Jul 24, 2007
I wish you would not use the term Lil Girl. It was one of my dogs names. She was a very sweet dog too.