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Part II, The Democratic Field
Published on June 16, 2007 By Sean Conners aka SConn1 In Current Events
This is the 2nd part of a brief "good, bad and ugly" analysis of each of the 2 major party's field of contenders. This time, we look at the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton

The Good - About as big of a success story and "living the dream" as any woman could be an example of. Mother, wife, professional, 1st lady and Senator. Hillary has definitely done it all.

The Bad - The public may just be tired of a Bush or Clinton on the ballot since 1980.

The Ugly - Has one of the most well-oiled and toughest political organizations ever. Will not sit well with very anti bush democrats who are more "grass roots" and "power to the people" oriented, like Howard Dean supporters from 2004.

Barack Obama

The Good - A new kind of thinker. Doesn't approach debates in traditional left vs right styles. Has captured many an immagination.

The Bad - As the campaign goes on, will have to explain any "typical political moves" because of such high expectations.

The Ugly - Has never really had a tough campaign before, and may not be as sqeaky clean as previously advertised.

John Edwards

The Good - No one has spken out more for the poor and the working class than John Edwards in the past few years.

The Bad - Hasn't explained his "hedgefund" experience very well. Hasn't been able to balance his wealth vs. his causes like his hero Bobby Kennedy was able to do so gracefully.

The Ugly - Just isn't very deep. Well meaning, i'm sure, but just not that deep.

Joe Biden

The Good - A great resume and a charming guy 1 on 1. (something I can personally attest to)

The Bad - Can be a overly dominating blowhard in speeches and in meetings. (something my wife can personally attest to)

The Ugly - Has a host of gaffes that the press hasn't even gotten to. None of em very bad, but who knows how they will be used.

Bill Richardson

The Good - A better resume is tough to find. About as "regular guy" as you can get.

The Bad - He might be his own worst enemy. Had to be told France was a UN security council member the other day.

The Ugly - Making the switch between the small New Mexico stage and the nationa lstage is proving to be a difficult transition for him.

Chris Dodd

The Good - Again, a great record of public service.

The Bad - The "son of a senator" act might not play well to those looking for "change."

The Ugly - Past campaign contributions from the likes of Arthur Anderson and Enron won't really play well to the bulk of the party. And supporting Don Imus wasn't really a smart political move either.

Dennis Kucinich

The Good - Champion of many liberal causes including labor and the anti war movement.

The Bad - Not very smooth or suave. Comes off abrasive in many speeches and appearances.

The Ugly - Even the beauty of his new wife won't overshadow a face that scares children. A great congressman for his district, but probably will never have enough appeal to make any headway in the national race.

Mike Gravel

The Good - Ya gotta love his fire and independence. Plus a record of activism any liberal would be proud of.

The Bad - After you are done lovin that fire, he keeps going, and going, like any good conspiracy theorist would.

The Ugly - Raising 500 bucks and being in debt for 90 grand doesn't exactly make him look very "fiscally responsible."

And that wraps up the declared democratic contenders. As I stated with teh GOP contenders, feel free to share your thoughts, but don't be too upset if I didn't mention your favorite candidate's best strength or weakness in your opinion. This is just a brief run down.

on Jun 17, 2007
Both your summations were quite adroit, but I'm lazy and I'm only going to comment on this one. (I'm sure you'll forgive me)

I'm still a big Richardson fan. I lived in New Mexico for two years; I saw the kind of positive effects he had in that state of so many problems. While I don't really think he has much of a chance for the presidential nomination (especially being up against such heavy hitters) I think he'd be a great veep.

I mean, how could anyone be worse than Dick Cheney? At least Richardson isn't a slimy corporate exec.
on Jun 17, 2007
Both your summations were quite adroit

i have to admit...i had to look up adroit, lol. but now i can say thanks.

I'm still a big Richardson fan.

i like the guy too. i think it's a shame how he's choking on the big stage.

While I don't really think he has much of a chance for the presidential nomination (especially being up against such heavy hitters) I think he'd be a great veep.

on the 1st part, it's still early...and stranger things have happened.

on the second part, i think he'd be a good vp candidate as well. and if we threw the front runners aside for a sec, i think he and biden would make a hell of a ticket. and i think their collective gaffes would become so commonplace, like bush, they'd eventually be devalued and diffused.