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from paris hilton and her stupid, whorin ways.
Published on June 4, 2007 By Sean Conners aka SConn1 In Misc
Last night, Paris Hilton left an appearance at the MTV movie awards and checked into an L.A. jail. Before the ceremony, Paris seemed sober and content to face her music for the next 22-45 days, depending on how she behaves and how crowded they are.

So, at last, we can all rejoice that the lil bitch got her just desserts. We can all feel gleeful in the knowledge that our great justice system has accomplished it's mission.


Now, don't get me wrong, I can't help but feel a little happy that the wheels of justice rolled over a pseudo-celebrity that became famous with a billion dollar marketing machine that promoted not her family business or anything redeemable whatsoever, but her willingness to be the trampiest tramp in tramptown. A title that is rarely disputed.

But all of this hype can't help the fact that I think back to Martha Stewart, who was jailed for something relatively minor, although undeniably illegal, and all the hullaballoo that circled that case.

Or when Anna Nicole was more in the spotlight in death than she ever was in life, clothed or unclothed. We willingly cheered on as an incompetent and over emotional judge drew out a procedure that should have lasted an hour for countless days that were mostly a stage for his ambitions of being the next Judge Wapner or Judy.

Or how caught up we get in trashing 1 overmouthed and under-read TV show hosts rants about the war in Iraq as if she represented anyone.

So, when are we going to get to the serious crime? The crimes that actually hurt all of us. When are we going to stop exploiting and attacking all these famous and successful women for minor offenses while others work in the shadows and do the real damage.

Yes, Paris was wrong and deserved what she got by most people's judgements. Yes, Martha broke the law. But why are we giving so much hype to it? Why do we need to see justice done so adamantly when it comes to these women and look the other way so often everywhere else. Or justify their actions as a means to a noble end.

Are we that resentful of these women and their success that we are willing to sacrifice the limited resources of our law enforcement and judicial system and waste countless hours and days of media time?

Hopefully Paris will be a better person when she gets out of jail. After all, rehabilitation is the goal still, isn't it? From the way she has acted the past few weeks, and from her comments, she does seem both scared and remorseful. Whether that will last once the 1st sip of Tequila hits her lips at the "Welcome Home Paris" bash next month is anybody's guess. But I have afeeling she might have grown up just a little bit from all this. And that, as Martha would say, is a good thing.

But a better thing would be for us to stop feeding the monster of overhyped chicks in trouble with the law being such big news. Maybe then our law and judicial system might actually get to working on the real crime in our midst.

But until then, God only knows what will happen if Oprah ever jaywalks.

on Jun 04, 2007
You are confusing caring with media hype.  I doubt 1 in 10 care a whit about Paris or what is happening to her.  But the media does.  The media is hyping this, and the shallow people that live vicariously through celebrities are eating it up.  However, I have not heard any politicians (not that there are none) introducing bills on the subject.
on Jun 04, 2007
You are confusing caring with media hype

it's really not that deep, lol...just a rant ...thought of the moment.
on Jun 04, 2007

it's really not that deep, lol...just a rant ...thought of the moment.

Well, in that case......WOW!  This is great!

(Ok, maybe that is over doing it, but it is a good rant).

on Jun 04, 2007

You are confusing caring with media hype.


Perhaps you are also confusing caring with women watching TV. My wife can tell me the most minute details of any fool thing on E! or VH1 but she doesn't care about any of it. This is just the sort of thing that many women like to watch much as many men waste time reading SF/Fantasy novels that are basically brain trash. We have our time wasters and they have theirs.



on Jun 04, 2007



Rehab for people in jail is definately not my goal (but you already knew that).