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just because I'm not into being swiftboated...
Published on May 11, 2007 By Sean Conners aka SConn1 In Misc
(note: this post has all the brevity of "Alice's Resturaunt" ... i apologize in advance. my orig. reply on this subject was deleted from a post (referenced in the link) that i am in no way blacklisted or banned. i have chosen not to participate there for the past 2 months. so this long ramble is the result...enjoy! )

You just have to laugh.

The lil girl writes yet another overly defensive diatribe about flaming online, particularly on JU. And per usual, she got it all wrong. In her fragile, ego driven world, where she can do no wrong, she attempts to make a case which lowers the entire community to her low standard of ignorance. She claims that people are not capable of peacefully and reasonably working out disagreements. And of course, she throws virtually all (with the exception of a gratuitous disclaimer that it's not 100% men, but almost) men who are responsible. She writes...

Now, if you're a regular reader of the political forums, you'll see all sorts of cruel barbs being traded there--between MEN. And yes, they get personal...very, very personal. They insult each others' intelligence, question each others' parentage, and form merciless dogpiles to rip and rend those with opinions deemed unpopular on this conservative dominated site.
What's interesting to me is that no one ever tries to intervene in these bitter disputes, not the other men who blog here and certainly not the women. I mean, can you imagine the ripping I'd take if I chastised Baker for his current feud with Shadowar and Dr G.? Gideon or terp for their recent 'airing of dirty laundry' on the public forums? What do you think the reaction would be if I stopped by any one of Col Gene's threads and told 'the boyz' to behave and play nice?
Heh, it's a scene I don't even care to test, I know what would happen.

Does she? Or is she merely attempting to lower everyone to her low standard?

The fact is that us guys do often step in and attempt to calm things down. I did it as recently as the day before (literally) she wrote that post. And despite her feeble attempts to make that look like an isolated incident, it isn't. I can recall Baker, Gideon and others stepping in and making "peacemaker comments" in the past. The fact is that we men do play peacemaker here a lot more often than someone in her shoes would like to admit. That's because lowering everyone to her pathetic standard where if she's on the attack , it's fair game, as her "sista" allies at Stardock will look the other way. Not quite how she puts it...

dance right up to the edge of acceptability in regards to the ToU, and even sneak a toe over that line now and then

What the lil girl neglects to mention, or fails to realize is that others on her simply get tired of feeding her trollness. And know that "turning her in" to JU will mean nothing. Especially with the blacklist feature broken, her repeated breaking of the rules (while bragging about it) is consistantly and shamelessly defended by 1 particular administrator despite the obvious lack of objectivity. That is further evidenced on the flipside, if anyone dares do anything to the lil girl and this tight knit group of "sistas" or goes outside the TOU by an inch, will be instantly threatened, chastized and given the riot act.

In fact, i'll probably be threatened or some measure of intimidation could come from this piece. How dare I speak against the sistahood?!?!?!?

So she either denies reality or is unaware of the fact that her existence here isn't because of any great skill of being able to walk a literary tightrope, but because the fix is in.

For several weeks now, she has been boiling over at any comment that suggests that evil boys might not be 100% responsible for a teenage girl being a tramp. Here are some exerpts from recent comments...

She blames men...
That's the only way you're gonna be able to keep her safe from horny boys who lie, manipulate, cajole, pressure, pledge their love, and move mountains for a bit of pussy.

but at the same time admits her own fault....
I got pregnant at 13. I was one of those 'tramps' you refer to repeatedly on this thread. I was promiscuous to the extreme, and I can assure you that my parents had not a freakin' clue until it was far, far too late. Teenagers, particularly precocious ones, can be incredibly deceptive, and you would not believe the lengths I went to in order to hide my behavior from my folks.

suggests that any parent that tries to keep a check on their daughter is somehow being a "repressive and oppresive man" and suggests extreme, ridiculous solutions are really what they want to do....
Here's an idea, terp. Wrap your 'good little girl' in a burqua, paint the windows black, and lock her up until you can marry her off.

then suggests that those "trampy" girls are products of mental illness...
Let me also add that these young 'tramps' and 'sluts' are most likely suffering from some severe mental illness or extreme emotional problems. Early promiscuity is often seen in teens who have been sexually assaulted or abused as young children, usually by a close family member. Or their sleeping around could be them 'acting out' their rage or seeking to soothe fears of abandonment.

Which was it in your case? From the post left here last week, it seems the relationship with her dad is pretty solid.


OR in another post (50 random facts...), where she speaks about both her parents...

* My mother is the strongest woman I know.

*My dad is the weakest man I know, but his weakness IS his strength.

But in other posts she speaks of a "hellish" childhood...

I know what its like to call home once a week for almost 10 years straight and have my father refuse to speak to me. I know what its like to have a mother who waits until her daughter is 40 years old before she finally confessess what I knew all along, that she has an irrational jealousy over that father-daughter relationship and feels I 'ruined her life' when I came along. I know what it's like to see my brother's stiff and lifeless form laying in his bed wearing nothing but pee-stained underwear and think..."You lucky bastard, you finally did it. You got the fuck out of here."

Wow, what drama...but in the replies...

My parents did the best they could, I will always believe that, and I will always believe that they loved me deeply. The older I get the more I understand and appreciate that.

So, maybe she's mentally ill?

Well, yeah...from the 50 facts post ...

I am a rapid cycling manic-depressive, and I prefer that term over the politically correct (and utterly bland) term of "bi-polar."

And, on a sidenote, if you've been wonering if all her racial slurs against Barack Obama et al. are serious or not, we have this...

I was once a member of the KKK.

Seems like old habits die hard.

And what does she think about others who have things better? Does she admire the accomplishments or harbor resentment?
You and I have talked about anger before, about how it drives us, energizes us, how empty we feared we'd be if we just let it go. I know that your religious experience has allowed you to move past that, and I must admit you're a hell of a spokesperson for it. You make me want what you have.


But then I'd have to forgive myself and let go of my anger.


Fact is, she is an angry, resentful little person who wants to drag everyone else down to her level. We already know she is bi-polar, but since she self medicates and isn't under anyone's care, there could be more there folks...much more.

Her desire to attack and try to hurt other s for self gratification outweighs even her natural tendency to "identify" with people like the Columbine kids...
I wrote an article last year entitled "I was a school shooter." Of course I wasnt, but I sure could have been if a firearm had been available to me. When I hear of these things I always, ALWAYS identify with the shooters because I know exactly how they feel.

But when the VT shootings happened, she felt compelled to use it as a forum to attack JU folk...
Dude, we have our very own version of Cho posting here on a daily basis.

To read his personal entries, no one's ever had a life so hard, endured circumstances so harsh and unfair, struggled vainly against adversity as he has, only to have others thwart his plans, and deliberately so.

His rage against and disdain towards the society in which he lives is slowly simmering on the back pages of JU, largely ignored and unremarked on, but I can sense a slow building up, a pressure about to unleash itself on unsuspecting neighbors, co-workers, public officials, and yes, even school administrators. Nothing is his own fault, everyone in his life exists just to torment him...and he's full of self-loathing which he projects onto others.

He writes under the name of jesseledesma.

What do you, in all your wisdom, suggest we (as a community) do about it, Bahu?

In her own article on the subject, there is no "relating" to the shooter either, but a call for personal responsibility...
Pick one, pick another, console yourself any way you can. Blame the victims, blame the police, blame the government, blame his parents.....anything, ANYTHING .

And this is how she "identified" with the shooter...
Ok, folks, some total nutcase blows away a shitload of people for no rational reason.

Way to identify! Really! I guess the ol saying, "it takes one to know one" is appropriate here."

But that's where the identifying ends, the rest of the piece is about how no one has any right to interviene or investigate possible causes. We're all supposed to just shrug and move on after paying some lip service to the victims, like her in her derranged, unstable mind. Just like we are supposed to ignore any warning signs in our children. Her advice to parents is either give them free reign or put them in a burka.

But wait a minute, she's not a parent. She never has been. And by her own admission, she wasn't even a very good child. But she knows all, right? Of course, The reasons vary week to week when it comes to blaming others, as they typically do with someone with her condition. Sometimes it was her brilliant cleverness that kept others in the dark. Other times it was her mom's alleged jealosy or her father's actions after she ran ruckshod and abused them with her behavior that is responsible. Still a host of other reasons are brought up depending on her "mood" and her determination to try to drag everyone into her lowlife discourse which is only a tool for her to satisfy her own ignorant desires and ego.

When I make a rare statement such as this, she starts up her usual "if you don't care, then..." crap which is one of her lil attempts to drag me down to her pathetic, untreated level. The fact is that I really don't care about her . That is why my statements are rare (the last post i made on the subject of her pathetic behavior was almost 2 months ago. and i didn't post it even in the forums and tried to be as low key as possible but just wanted to get my side on the record after dozens of posts by her and her "sistas" trashing me over a simple misunderstanding. I was tired of being "swiftboated" and felt it nec. to put on record what my side was)

And before, during and after that I was harassed, trashed and taunted in juvenile and ignorant ways including having my "birthday post" from the JU birthday club virtually "sh*t on" by her. Of course, the fellow "sista" who runs the posts stood back and did nothing. In fact, they all had a good laugh over it, i'm sure.

And in her latest insultfest, when I gave a polite response pointing out that guys do play peacemaker, it was deleted.


Her rationale was "turnabout is fair play." AS IF 2 months of harassment including spamming my blog with her vile and hateful curse ridden flames (which yes, did need to be deleted, she was b/l'ed and were unabashadly defying it with her "sista" in administration's endorsement.) was equivalent to my actions, on a site in which i am not blacklisted.

So, the result is that I have to explain myself her choice.

So, back to the point....she was wrong and is wrong. Men are very capable of being a peacemaker as are women. But the sad fact is that she has no clue on how to behave with any sense of maturity, decency or consistancy. Part of it may be her alleged condition for which she seeks no treatment. But part of it, or all of it might just be because she is a mean, hatefilled little person with no ability or desire to change and grow up.

Btw, remember whe n she said that she wouldn't even attempt to jump in to try to interviene in a dispute? She said she "knew" what would happen...LMFAO...Last year, when MM and I had a misunderstanding and subsequent feud, she was the peacemaker. But I guess inconvenient truths like that are quickly forgotten when the ego needs to make a point about the evilness of men. So her premise wasn't only wrong, it was a lie. And just another in a long list of lies, which again, convieniently forgotten when it's time to attack.

There's no misogyny going on here. That's just a paranoid fantasy and rationalization for her and her sistas to use when they don't want to acknowledge that it might be about them and their conduct, and not their gender. If she would stop acting like a little child, maybe people would stop treating her like one.

But she'd probably rather go on thinking that she's some great orator and writer who knows and understands everything when it's convenient. And a helpless victim when that serves her needs. And facts recollected again, when they are convenient. And of course, when people disagree with her, they can't just disagree, the opponent has to be a "bad person."

And when the heat gets to be too much, hide behind the sistas and take cheap shots. Which is more telling than anything I could quote.


on May 11, 2007
Wow. You really put in a lot of effort here.
on May 11, 2007
Wow. You really put in a lot of effort here.

actually it wasn't that hard, just a scratch of the surface.

and like i said, my only purpose is to avoid being swiftboated. for every 1 thing i write, she writes a dozen, plus chases me around trying to bait me by hijacking everyone else's threads...there, sometimes i play,, but 9 times out of 10 i don't.... i've been silent on this pretty much since before my birthday which was april 4th.

i get bored every once in a while like everyone else...and it was her that decided to delete my comments, which were not at all improper or rude.
on May 11, 2007


Damn, if we dont have enough politics, we have to suffer the new terms it brings in.  Borking and now SwiftBoating.

Aw well, I guess we cannot escape politics no matter how much we try.

But thanks for quoting what I will not read.  And BTW, you are off base.  it is simpler than that.

She is a bully (is that a masculine term?).

And BiPolar is correct.  My Aunt suffers from it (medicated thankfully from a licensed physician).  And she does not run from the word.  She SUFFERS from the effects.  As she is over 70, I think that does trump any newspeak that others want to paste upon the condition.

Now to suffer the slings and arrows of an impotent.

on May 11, 2007
I think Sean has a crush on someone...
on May 11, 2007
I think Sean has a crush on someone...

WOW! I would love to see that! After I get my kevlar.
on May 11, 2007
After I get my kevlar

do they make kevlar condoms? that might be necessary

and on the bully thing,,yer right, but more of a "bully wanabee"

I think Sean has a crush on someone...

thanks for the big laugh...really!   

Now to suffer the slings and arrows of an impotent.

lol...thanks for the chuckles today:)
on May 11, 2007

I just wanna know one thing.

Am I a sista?


on May 12, 2007
Shhh, the first rule of the sistahood is 'Don't talk about the sistahood.'

Toot Toot, haaa, beep beep.
Toot Toot, haaa, beep beep.

Bad girls. Talkin bout the sad girls.
Talking bout baaaad girls yeah.