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Check out the new ads from Gov. Bill Ruichardson....Those of us who have ever had a job interview can certainly relate...funny stuff...enjoy!

on May 09, 2007
I was already a staunch Bill Richardson fan (because I used to live in New Mexico and saw his effective leadership of that state during my tenure in the region), but these ads are great.

They make me like him even more.

Come on, people, rock it with the Richardson.

PS I met him once in the Wal-Mart in Santa Fe. He was out, meeting the people of the capital city. what a blast.
on May 09, 2007

I like him, and would not be upset if he won.  Here is some answers (in the last 2 debates) that are almost as amusing:

"If you were stranded on a desert Island, what would you most like to have with you?"

Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Duncan Hunter and Mitt Romney said they'd bring their wives.
Mrs. Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama and John McCain all said books. Rudy Giuliani said "books and music."
Chris Dodd said "coffee with cream and sugar."
Sam Brownback said a tarp.
Mike Huckabee said a "laptop with satellite reception."
Tom Tancredo said a boat.
Bill Richardson said "BlackBerry and a Davidoff cigar."

The information is from James Taranto who likes Bill Richardson's answer the best.

I like Tom Tancredos, but Bill's is close!

on May 09, 2007
Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Duncan Hunter and Mitt Romney said they'd bring their wives

i've can't remember seeing hunter or romney's wives, but have you seen biden's or kucinich's? i can understand their vote.