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joe biden stands up for the american majority!
Published on April 25, 2007 By Sean Conners aka SConn1 In Politics
Yesterday, Vice President Cheney, fresh out from the hospital, where he doesn't poll any better than anywhere else, and Sen Harry Reid, fresh from Barnes & Noble, where he was looking for a copy of "The Idiots Guide To Leadership," again bumped heads in what has developed into quite a little feud. Of course, this version of the feud is advantageous to the White House as Harry Reid has become easy fodder in his bad leadership of the Senate since taking the majority.

And while the right wing portable punditry spun up the bumper sticker feud between the "Dark Lord" and "Court Jester," Senator Joe Biden was giving a more fact based speech on the Senate floor which spoke volumes for the American people in our quest to wake up this President and get him to actually support the troops by bringing this war to a responsible end. Biden wasn't speaking for democrats or some watered down political posturing that Reid dreamt up, he was speaking for the majority of Americans. He was speaking for the people who sent him to Washington.

Here's what Mr Biden had to say....

Thomas Freidman, author of "the World Is Flat" had this to say about Biden last Sunday on Wolf Blitzer's Late Edition:

WOLF: Which candidate, Democrat or Republican, do you think has the most credibility when it comes about talking about what to do in Iraq?

FRIEDMAN: You know, I really would have a hard time rating any of them frankly, not up or down. We're not allowed to endorse candidates as columnists.

WOLF: Don't endorse any. But does Hillary Clinton, a Joe Biden, a John McCain...who really understands the issues there and comes to the table with a lot of knowledge?

FRIEDMAN: If you're asking like right today, Wolf, the person I think who has been where I've been from the very beginning, seeing the potential, you know, that this could have for a positive outcome but really, really cautious and worried all the time, that if we weren't doing it right is, Joe Biden.

I think Joe Biden has been on top of this from the very beginning. He was on top of the opportunity. He was on top of what stakes we needed or what we needed to do to get some chance of realizing that opportunity and he's been on top of saying this isn't working. So, if there's anybody I felt in sync with since the very beginning I would say it's Joe Biden.

I don't know if Joe Biden should be President or not yet, but it's about time his plan, which is the most widely acceptable "bast case scenario" for Iraq, should be seriously considered. for more on that plan, go here...Link

on Apr 26, 2007