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True believer Matthew Dowd speaks out against administration Iraq policy
Published on April 3, 2007 By Sean Conners aka SConn1 In Politics
When most people, even those who follow politics, think of the name "Dowd," they usually think of left wing uber-feminist Maureen Dowd. If someone was to read an article titled “Kerry Was Right,” and knew that someone named "Dowd" wrote it, the most likely assumption would be that it was written by the forementioned Maureen Dowd. But in this case, like too many others, most people would be wrong.

The op-ed was written, but never submitted by a man that can only be described as a "true believer." A good "Bushie."

Matthew Dowd wrote the op-ed "Kerry Was right" describing how the swift boated 2004 presidential candidate and long serving Senator was correct in calling for our withdrawal from Iraq.

In case you are not familiar with Mr. Dowd, here's a little history....

Matthew Dowd has been tied to Bush since the late 1990's. He was Bush's "chief strategist" in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential Campaigns. what does that mean? Well, in part, he oversees the polling and is responsible for interpreting those polls and devising strategies. Or as reported in 2004 by the NYT ... "Jim Rutenberg reported that Dowd "is not just the man who conducts the president's polling. He also works to control public perceptions about where the presidential race stands, perhaps more aggressively than many other campaign aides in his position. .."

And now Matthew Dowd is joining the growing chorus of Patriotic Americans who are calling for our exit from the civil war in Iraq. He joins Democrats, Independents, a growing number of Republicans, thousands of active and retire military experts, the vast majority of civillian foreign policy experts, most every nation on earth and the 70 something percent of Iraqi's who endorse the killing of Americans without any cause other than our pointless occupation. essentially everyone except the neoconservative and parts of the evangelical wings of the GOP who's kool aid hasn't quite worn off yet.

To see Mr. Dowd's brave words, go here... Link


on Apr 03, 2007

“When you fall in love like that,” he said, “and then you notice some things that don’t exactly go the way you thought, what do you do? Like in a relationship, you say ‘No no, no, it’ll be different.’ ”

Sounds more like a jilted lover.

on Apr 03, 2007
Sounds more like a jilted lover.

or an abused one