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on Jan 17, 2007
on Jan 17, 2007
Hey, check out my band at the following link: Link or check us out at www.myspace-jcronikal. We're an Australian hip hop act who try to write positive music. And just in case you're wondering, we're not a Christian hip hop act.

If you get a chance, let me know what you think. Unfortunately, the link to the song is broken because I'm at work. But I will have a listen when I get home and get back to you.

on Jan 18, 2007
hey man,,,checked out the site and gave a listen to all 3. overall, i thought it was well done stuff. i like the laid back feel to it. i would like to see a little more "aussie" influence to seperate it from what gets overdone here in the states. i think "showing where you are from" in your music a little more would seperate ya from the pack. of the 3 songs, i liked "everything happens for a reason" the best. a lot of rock influence in the beats. i liked the piano sample in it, really added to the hook. both verses and chorus were catchy. i liked the female back-up vocals as well on all 3 tracks. maybe you should give that gal some more lead vocals. over the summer i saw an italian metal band called "lacuna coil" @ ozzfest (i truly listen to everything, the previous week i saw brad paisley play country music and a few weeks later caught billy joel) ...anyway...they had both female and male lead vocals that really complimented each other very well. there was no "upstaging" between the 2 which was refreshing. ya'll seem to be following a "fergie" model, like the peas...which is cool (i love the black eyed peas) but i think it's been done before and all...i think having truly a "dual lead" vocal would be a little more cool. but that's mho.

on another note,,,i chuckle to think me and the MC might be distant relatives. is that you?

one more note,,,now that i've done a review for you,,,you are invited to do the music isn't hip hop. on the site i am sening , the songs are either some hard punk rockin 60's psych stuff and some folky stuff. let me know what ya think...Link

on Jan 18, 2007

First of all, thanks very much for listening and your considered comments. It is much appreciated. I will do the same for you as soon as I can (I can't look at MySpace on my work computer).

No, the MC isn't me. I wrote all the music and did all the pre-production for the backing tracks. I also do the male vocals on 'Everything Happens'. As for Adele (the female vocalist/flutist/keyboard player) she recently had to leave the band to move interstate for work. We are really missing her and will be hard-pressed to find someone as equally multi-talented to replace her.

would like to see a little more "aussie" influence to seperate it

Yeah, we get this from some quarters here too. JC's influences are all American so his raps are naturally affected by this. It is something we've discussed though and certainly will be looking at when we next record.
on Jan 18, 2007
how bout this,,,sample some steve irwin quotes and mix em in?
on Jan 19, 2007
sample some steve irwin quotes

LOL The thing about Steve Irwin is he was a unique character. Sure, there are some who sound like him but they're few and far between. Most Aussie's accents are no where near as broad as Irwin's was.
on Jan 19, 2007
Most Aussie's accents are no where near as broad as Irwin's was.

i think he played his up a little bit like paul hogan used to do in his croc. dundee i off base there?
on Jan 19, 2007
am i off base there?

Yes, I think you are. We can tell when someone is putting it on. Irwin's was as genuine as his love for animals.

Hey, I checked out your myspace and listened to the first tune (think it was called Cosmic). I like the sound of it. I will go back a bit later today and have a good listen to the rest and get back to you.